Transition Masters

Developing Job Search Presentation Skills

Transition Masters Library

Click the links below to download Power Point Notes and other documents each week of the program.

Week 1      TM Orientation 

                   Inner Game of Job Search

                   Quick Start Job Search Manual

                   TM Workbook

Week 2   Career Networking, Social Media, Anxiety Reduction

                     How To Really Use LinkedIn

Week 3   Job Search Action Planning

                Skills Assessment Worksheet

                  Job Search Action Planning Excel Worksheets

                Job Search Strategy Questionaire

Week 4   Writing & Reciting Accomplishments


                                                                         Week 5   Resumes & How To Connect With Hiring Managers

                                                                         Week 6   Mastering the Interview

                                                                                              10 Most Common Interview Questions


                                                                          Week 7   Compensation Negotiation


                                                                          Week 8   Portfolio Development


                                                                          Week 9  Graduation