Transition Masters

Developing Job Search Presentation Skills

Transition Masters Library

Click the links below to download Power Point Notes and other documents each week of the program. Any use of these materials without permission is a violation of United States copyright. Violators will be introduced to our intellectual property attorney.  

Week 1      TM Orientation 

                   Inner Game of Job Search

                   Quick Start Job Search Manual

                   TM Workbook

Week 2      Skills Assessment Worksheet & Accomplishments 

                   Accomplishment Trigger Sheet


Week 3      Action Planning worksheet

                  Job Search Strategy Questionaire


Week 4      Career Networking

Week 5      LinkedIn, Social Media

                                                                         Week 6      Analyzing Job Descriptions, ATS, Word Clouds


                                                                         Week 7      21st Century Resumes, Chronological, Functional, Hybrid, Cover letter,                                                                                                           Introductory Letter


                                                                         Week 8      Mastering The Interview, 10 Most Common Interview Questions


                                                                         Week 9      Compensation Negotiation

                                                                          Week 10    Portfolio Development, Program Wrap Up