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What is Transition Masters?

Transition Masters is a nonprofit program designed specifically to help job seekers develop their presentation skills. 

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Our programs provide a solution for five key job search problems;

1. The most common problem job candidates have (according to HR executives) is lack of confidence during the interviewing process. This multi session program helps you build the confidence you need to land that job fast! 


2. Many job seekers don't realize how they are perceived when communicating with others. Bad communication habits will be identified and may be replaced with more productive habits. 


3. Job seekers have difficulty articulating what they do best and why they are the perfect fit for the job.


4. Frequently job seekers are not prepared for the different types of interview questions. They haven't had a chance to practice the best responses (which is one reason the average job seeker will interview with five different companies before they are hired!).


5. Networking and interviewing cause anxiety for many people. Job seekers need to learn and practice methods for controlling anxiety and stress. 


The problem is... there's no place where you can learn and practice developing these specific skills. Trial and error lengthen the job search process. Transition Masters provides the opportunity to develop and actually practice networking and interviewing skills in a friendly and fun group environment while receiving supportive feedback from others. 

The facts!

A recent survey found that 92% of people feel interview anxiety, citing doubt over their qualifications, and whether they would be able to answer questions correctly.


70% of companies hire people who are referred to them (not by the internet, but by other people)!

The average job seeker will interview with five different companies before being offered employment. The average Transition Masters graduate interviews with two companies before being offered employment!

82% of the outcome of an interview or a networking encounter is determined during the first 120 seconds!

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