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Program Leadership

Joe H. Jones, Jr. - Transition Masters, Founder and Program Director


Joe Jones teaches people how to confidently communicate their value to companies.


He teaches career development and job search to teens and adults so that they can live lives they love, supported by work they enjoy. 

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Joe has been a full-time training and development professional since 1980. He has combined job search training and Toastmasters into a program to develop job search presentation skills - "Transition Masters". 


Joe's Story

In his previous corporate and national association management positions Joe has interviewed over 1,000 and hired over 300 persons. He knows what it takes to be hired, fired, right-sized, and capsized in today's turbulent workplace.     


To keep his training skills sharp Joe joined Suncoast Toastmasters in Tampa. He was selected as Toastmaster of the Year (in 2014) in his division, from over 500 members in 27 clubs. He has won over 20 different Toastmasters speech contests at the club, area, and division levels, and accumulated over 150 club ribbons for being voted best speaker, best at table topics, and best evaluator. 


Joe has trained and mentored hundreds of persons in public speaking including students in the MBA executive program at the University of South Florida, and conducted six annual Youth Speech & Leadership clinics for teens.


Joe is past president of the National Speakers Association - Central Florida chapter, and past president of the American Society for Training and Development - Suncoast chapter.


In 2009 he wrote the 168-page "Quick Start Guide for Job Seekers" which is currently being used internationally. He has a list of twenty different job search-related programs he presents, and is currently writing a book entitled "The Inner Game of Job Search". 


Joe and a team of exceptional volunteers will be leading Transition Masters.         

Coaches include: 

Frank Shea  813-245-6421

Greg Morgan    813-334-4734

Ray Quinones   813-581-2756 


I'm always looking for additional coaches! Let's connect.


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