Transition Masters

Developing Job Search Presentation Skills

Welcome to Transition Masters!

We help people in job transition in our Transition Masters program and Career Clarity program. 

Transition Masters includes a combination of on site lectures, and mock interview practice in a friendly, supportive environment, for free, in the Tampa, Florida area. Click the link above to learn more about Transition Masters.

Career Clarity is a self paced, coach facilitated, free program, to help people find direction in their careers. To learn more about Career Clarity click the link above.

"The best candidates are not always selected, the best presenters frequently get the nod'.      

Lou Adler, author of Hired and Getting Hired. 


Next Transition Masters class starts on August 19, at One Corporate Center (Bloom'in Brands building), 2202 N. Westshore, Tampa, 33607 (Westshore and Boy Scout Road/Spruce), west end entrance, 1st floor conference center. 

We meet weekly on Mondays from 5:30-8pm. You may attend classes at any time during the course period. Any classes missed can be made up during subsequent TM programs. We ask that you register on this website and that once enrolled, that you attend every class until you graduate.

To sign up for a program, just click the registration tab in the header above. Registration is free. $50 donation is optional.