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Additional Programs

The programs listed below cover a full range of career development and job search training programs. They range in length from 1-hour lectures to self-paced instruction (Career Clarity), to the 10-week Transition Masters programs. All of these programs have been presented and received outstanding reviews from the participants and sponsors. 


For more information contact Joe Jones at 813-960-1876 or email at

There are five job search training areas included below. 


#1 Career Clarity for Youth (What Color Is Your Parachute - for Teens) This program is primarily focused on youth (ages 16-22) career development. Provides guidance in career direction and tailoring school curriculums around career clusters of interest to the participant.


#2 Career Clarity for Adults This program is for people seeking career direction based on their skills, interests and achievements. Self paced downloadable workbook used in conjunction with an assigned coach. 


#3 Complete Job Search Curriculum This program has fifteen separate modules composed of the critical competencies needed for any for any effective job search. These modules are used in weekly job search support programs and career ministries.


#4 Transition Masters This program is unique because it focuses on the development of job search presentation skills. The program combines the best of job search and Toastmasters training to build the confidence of job seekers!


#5 Individual Program Module Presentations These are I to 1.5 hour job search related presentations which are frequently requested by Career Source, Career Ministries, and other non-profit organizations for their meetings.



#1 Career Clarity for Youth 

This training program is based on the book What Color Is Your Parachute for Teens, authored by Carol Christen. It is the bestselling career book for teens ever written and has sold over 150,000 copies. This program has been delivered in 2015 to Eckerd Community Alternatives and the Tamil Sneham Foundation.


Training Audience: Typically teens and young adults between the ages of 15-21 with a class size of 6 to 16 participants. The reason for starting with this age group is that they have the most immediate needs for employment and career direction. This program may be modified to adults of any age who are in search of their next career move. Participants learn a process for starting or switching careers that they will use the rest of their lives!. They finish the course by developing and reciting their own individual career plan which includes their career direction/occupation, starting salary, annual living expenses, education/training locations - requirements and costs, plus their plan "B" and immediate career goals enroute to their "dream career"!  This training should be required of all high school and college students - but it isn't even offered!


Career Clarity Training Program Description:

Part 1

Discovering Your Dream Job

    1. What You Love To Do: Your Favorite Interests and Best Skills

    2. Who You Love To Work With: Your Favorite Types of People

    3. Where You Love To Be: Your Ideal Work Environment

    4. Identifying Your Potential Dream Jobs

    5. Identifying the training/education required to achieve your dream job

    6. Identifying your annual living expenses before and after achieving your dream job

    1. Part 2

On The Way to Your Future

    1. What do I Do Now? Making the Most of Junior and High School

    2. What do I Do Next? Making the Most of College

    3. Goal Setting: A Tool to Shape Your Future

    4. Social Networking: Using Social Media to Boost Your Career

Part 3

Landing Your Dream Job….and More!

1. How to Search for – and Find - Your Dream Job

2. The Top 10 Mistakes Job Hunters Make – And How You Can Avoid Them

3. Tracking Emerging Career Trends: Green Careers and Sustainability

4. Beyond Your Dream Job: Creating the Life You Want


Program Details

Program consists of 14 hours of instruction, seven separate two hour meetings. Prefer some participants become trainers of the program for the sponsoring organization. Ideal class size ranges from 6 to 16 participants. Internet access required.


Program Materials

Each program student will receive a copy of the book, What Color Is Your Parachute For Teens. They will also receive an associated workbook to document the Discovery Exercises during the training, and used for future career planning after the training.


Parachute Book Used in the Pilot

The cost for the Parachute paperback books will be $12.00 per book (+ free shipping direct from the publisher). Five day expected delivery to Tampa from Maryland. Bulk orders could be placed for less per book if sponsor sets up an account with Random House.


Parachute Workbook Used in the Pilot

The cost for the Parachute workbooks is $15 per book.

Permission to use Parachute for Teens content for the workbook has been received from the author Carol Christen. Proof of permission available on request. Program fees for the seven week 14 hour program include $27 per participant for materials (listed above) and a $500 instructor’s honorarium plus travel expenses.


#2 Career Clarity for Adults

This program is self administered using a downloadable workbook. Includes "check ins" with an assigned coach. It analyses skills, achievements and interests to select from over 900 occupations. Favorite occupation is chosen and analyzed. Participants will know the starting salaries, preparations, their living expenses and verify that the choice they made is a good fit. Program is free, but coaches accept donations for their assistance.


#3 Complete Job Search Curriculum

This curriculum has been used by many Career Ministries as their foundation of job search knowledge. Includes all 15 job search competencies listed below. Each competency is an instructional module which requires 1 to 1.5 hours of classroom time.

  1. Job Search Orientation

  2. Career Transition & Defining Your Work

  3. Identifying and Using Transferable Skills

  4. Developing a Personal Marketing Focus

  5. Creating Your Target Companies List

  6. Using the Computer and Internet in Job Search

  7. Cover Letters, resumes and Letters of Introduction

  8. Creating Your Portfolio (work samples)

  9. Job Search Strategies

  10. Job Networking

  11. Working with Employment Agencies, Temp Staffing, and Recruiters

  12. How to Complete Job Applications Properly

  13. Winning the Interview Game

  14. Salary and Compensation Negotiation

  15. Developing Your Job Search Action Plan


Students are emailed a copy of the 168 page Quick Start Job Search Manual, authored by Joe Jones. This complete program may be offered in two full days for an honorarium or sponsors fee of $500, plus travel expenses.



#4 Transition Masters Program

This program is designed to develop critical job search presentation skills. It is delivered in eight, three hour sessions over a period of two months. Each session is composed of 1.5 hours of instruction (in the modules listed below) followed by 1.0 hours of mock interviews and 1/2 hour of mock networking.

  1. Program Orientation and Inner Game of Job Search

  2. Identification of Skills, Search Strategy Assessment, Job Search Action Planning

  3. Writing and Explaining Accomplishments

  4. 21st Century Resumes

  5. What to do before, during and after an interview

  6. Compensation Negotiation

  7. Development of your work samples/portfolio

  8. Career Networking, Social Media, and anxiety reduction techniques 


This program teaches job search skills and uses Toastmasters techniques to improve job search presentation skills. The five main reasons people aren’t being hired is because of their job search presentation skills. This is the only known program available that develops job search presentation skills. Participants receive three ebooks at no charge including the Quick Start Job Search Manual, How to Tell Your Story, and How to Really Use LinkedIn!

#5 Job Search Program Presentations List

Each of these presentations are 1 to 1.5 hours in length. They include a classroom style presentation with handouts. Generally these programs are presented at no charge in support of non-profit organizations such as Career Source and local career ministries.

  • Caught Between a Dream and a JOB!

Goes into how to make the transition between a plain ol’ J.O.B. and your dream job. How to prevent the dissatisfaction trap, finding your passion, and developing a strategy to find your dream job! Typically 45 minutes. The one hour version includes a skills assessment and passion identification exercise. Based on the book by the same name by Delatorro Mc Neal II.

  • The Job Search Action Plan

80% of job seekers look for work out of phase from how employers like to hire! Learn the most productive job search strategies and how to implement them into your job search. Typically 30 minutes to 1 hour. The 1 hour version includes your own job search strategy assessment exercise.

  • Ten Ways to Shorten Your Job Search!

Based on research from Lee Hect Harrison (the top placement company in the US) you will learn how to expedite your job search and the traps to avoid that may extend your job search. Usually 30 to 40 minute program. A 45 minute version also includes an exercise where participants will assess their own job search against the ten ways to shorten job search.

  • The Inner Game of Job Search

The biggest battle of job search is not the resume, networking, or getting interviews – it is the daily battle that goes on between our ears! How we talk to ourselves and the habits we create when launched into the unfamiliar world of job search need to be known and addressed properly. Frustration and negative thinking can be our greatest barrier unless we understand, and take action at the right time, to face the workplace with the type of fresh energy they need from a new employee. Joe is currently writing a book under the same name. This presentation ranges between 40 minutes and 3 hours depending on how deep the participants want to go.

  • Standing Out, Fitting In – How to Master the Interview Game

This one hour program focuses on what to do before, during and after a job interview. Learn seven things you must do prior to the interview. Learn four types of interviews and how to prepare for each. Learn how to control interview anxiety. Practice responses to the most common interview questions such as “Tell us a little about yourself”. Learn three questions you must ask to close out an interview.

  • The Proactive Job Search

There are basically two ways to find work. The long way – “Reactive” where you react to job postings and take whatever the market offers, or the short way – “Proactive” where you take control of where and for whom you choose to work. Learn the difference between the two and how this one process can cut your time to land a new job in half! 30 minutes to 1 hour presentation.

  • Fifty But Not Finished

Are you 50 or older and looking for work? This program will encourage you because older people are learning how to be hired and many are starting encore careers! Learn ten ways to deal with the “Overqualified” statement in a job interview! This workshop is filled with facts and tips you can use to find employment more quickly when you may have thought you were “too old”! 45 minutes to 1 hour presentation.

  • Job Seeker Spouse Support Program

This three hour program helps spouses and significant others with how to support a job seeker through the sometimes long and stressful job search process. Spouses will learn a little about job search, and how to coach their spouse when it is needed. Not offered anywhere else except Career Ministries!

  • Talent Acquisition Systems

This one hour module explains how companies hire people. It explains the sources for candidates, how the applicant tracking systems work (and how to beat them), the types of screening technologies that are now being used including assessments and skills tests, and other hurdles that a job seeker should be aware of to become hired rather than rejected!

  • How They Were Hired! (a favorite)

This one hour motivational module tells the true stories of how a variety of people in the Tampa area found work. This program will take job seekers on a journey that expands their thoughts on what works to be hired! Learn about the shortest job search, how pizza landed a job on TV, how Starbucks coffee landed a bank job, and how a proposed 30 days internship landed a dream job at a huge hospital, and more! Candidates will leave this session with renewed enthusiasm and many new ideas for their job search that have worked for others!

  • Job Search Presentation Skills

How we present ourselves during job search is one of the most important factors in getting the job! In fact, a November 2014 article in Forbes magazine lists the five reasons job seekers aren’t being hired, and all five had to do with how they presented themselves during their job search. This includes networking, resumes, interviewing, and how they present themselves on social media.

This one hour program covers the key elements that a job seeker needs to master to compete in today’s job market. You will learn what to say when “career networking “, how to present your resume to get it through the new applicant tracking systems, how to connect during an interview, and how to present yourself in social media, especially LinkedIn.

This program covers the highlights of the very successful Transition Masters program, which develops job search presentation skills.



For more information on any of these programs, contact Joe H. Jones in Tampa, Florida at 813-960-1876, or email

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